10.07.17 | memories

i once read somewhere – that our memories are simply reconstructions – imperfect, inadequate, half-invented and half-forgotten, impressions of particular events or periods. recollections that alter with every time we remember them; echoes of a past, which become refined, and perhaps more or less elaborate, as time inevitably goes on. they change, shift, grow, shrink, emerge, and disappear until we, too, are manipulated – i … Continue reading 10.07.17 | memories

05.07.17 | doing what you love

i think something magical happens when you begin to do something you love. your perspective alters. your mindset shifts. suddenly, the world isn’t against you; it’s for you. without knowing it, time goes by fleetingly – and all of sudden, you realise, you understand, that yes – it’s true, when people say that “this too, shall pass”. it’s true when people say that those feelings … Continue reading 05.07.17 | doing what you love

03.07.17 | living intentionally

recovering from the grips of perfectionism, anorexia, ocd, anxiety is hard work. and as i sit here, typing this, recovery remains as nebulous of a journey as it was for me many moons ago. i still question it, because as nuanced and complicated and obscure as it is, it’s also fairly straightforward, clear, and simple. yes; i suppose some days are so. bloody. difficult. but … Continue reading 03.07.17 | living intentionally