an old diary entry

Sometimes I wonder if my eating disorder is not an eating disorder at all, but rather a disordered perception of reality, of instinct, of truth. I’ve spent hours of my meagre existence pondering over truth; I’ve spent years entertaining the curiosities of right versus wrong and good versus bad, of beauty versus atrocity and black versus white. What the world knows to be relative, I … Continue reading an old diary entry

24.0717 | hurting

i have been thinking a lot about recovery, and what it means to me. because despite being “weight restored”, despite eating “intuitively”, despite leading a relatively “normal” life that is no longer comprised of hospital visits and hourly blood tests and a regimented feeding schedule controlled by scales and clocks and measuring cups, i still have bad days. thoughts creep in and out of me. … Continue reading 24.0717 | hurting

22.07.17 | yellow

i love yellow. alongside robin egg blue, it’s probably my favourite colour. i love how it makes me feel like a ray of sunshine on a cloudy day. i love how it’s the colour of sunflowers, pineapples, and winnie the pooh. i love how it’s also the colour of canaries, daffodils, and ducklings; the colour of marigold, pasta, and lemons; the colour of stars, smilies, … Continue reading 22.07.17 | yellow

16.07.17 | warmth

day five of the #contentment21 challenge is warmth – something that comes in a variety of forms. today, i found warmth in the amiable smile of a kind hearted stranger. i felt warmth under the sweltering heat of the californian sun. i breathed in warmth through the enthralling words of my favourite novel, and i tasted warmth with every sugar-coated morsel of these freshly baked, vegan bars. … Continue reading 16.07.17 | warmth