19.07.17 | a rough week

sometimes, i wake up and even getting out of bed is difficult. brushing my teeth is hard. eating breakfast is a chore. looking through my to-do-list is exhausting, and unbearably so – there’s so much that needs to be done, and too little time to even contemplate about it all – to feel any ounce of assurance, to experience any sense of ease. and that is, i confess, how i have been feeling lately – today, yesterday, this entire week thus far. and while i know i will not feel like this forever, feelings can be brutal. thoughts can be loud. fears can be as tangible as they are imaginary, as vivid as they are ambiguous, as valid as they are absurd. there is a tempest inside me, and within the midst of it all, i am trying to find solitude. to find quiet, to feel peace. it’s hard, but i’m trying. and i suppose that is, on its own, a victory of sorts.

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