12.07.17 | mornings

i love mornings. for me, mornings mean silence – not in an eerie, sombre, haunting sense. and not implying a sense of nothingness, either.

rather, it is a silence that, to me, is made beautiful by the absence of noise. a silence made fresh, pure, pristine, by the rising of the sun – the mark of a new day, a blank slate, a second chance.

i love mornings because i love having a day to plan. i love having freshly brewed tea in my garden. i love waking up early enough to see deer in my backyard, to indulge in the stillness of it all, the quietness of it all, the… i don’t know? slowness of it all? it’s almost as though time moves more slowly when you’re awake and no one else is. you have time to read, to relax, to breathe – for at least a moment. to think clearly about the day before you, the life before you, the things you wish to accomplish. the challenges you wish to tackle, the changes you wish to make.

and of course, i love mornings because i love breakfast – cereal, tea, and porridge will always have a special place in my heart. and on Wednesdays, we make time for waffles! one must never say no to waffles. i don’t know, maybe i love breakfast because i love mornings. or maybe i love mornings because i love breakfast. or maybe i just love both.

i think i’ll leave it at that. #contentment21

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